Separated at Birth?



A year ago today, Hunter S. Thompson ended his life. But he’s not really gone… thank goodness! His wife, Anita has placed a new and rare photo of the Doctor on the homepage of his website, inspiring me to do the above comparison. (I think that the Thompson quote attached to the photograph helped spur the comparison: “At the top of the mountain, we are all Snow Leopards.”)

His wife is also publishing a magazine The Woody Creeker which debuts today. The initial copies will be given out to friends and neighbors, but subscriptions are available at the Gonzo Store. She also says, in her editor’s note to the first issue, that “Ralph Steadman is on deadline to finish his book about his relationship with Hunter and how it all began.” Douglas Brinkley, his friend and biographer is set to release the third volume of Thompson’s letters in October, and Duke is dancing and spouting his inimitable wisdom on the Doonesbury homepage.