The MoMA shop better watch out!

We were just at the new Museum of Modern Art during a post-New Year’s visit to NYC, and—as is mandatory—my wife forced us to spend what seemed like most of our visit in the Museum Shop. Because the MoMA focuses on design as much as it does art, their shop is much more interesting than the usual museum shop. Unlike most other museum stores, Instead of containing nothing but books with images from the collection, postcards with images from the collection, t-shirts with images from the collection, mousepads with images from the collection, neckties with images from the collection… the MoMA shop has for sale many of the actual items in its design collection. There’s serving bowls, clocks, lamps, electronics, games, furniture… and of course books, postcards, posters, etc. But… the prices! Maybe museums are used to paying those prices, but I’m just a poor corporate drone! (Okay, okay, I’m exaggerating just a little: most of my glassware was stolen from bars, so I’m not really sure if US$26 is a lot of money for a pair of tumblers.)


Anyway, in the spirit of DIY which seems to be all the rage on the web these days (honestly, do you think BoingBoing or Engadget can go more than a day or two without linking to Make?) I came across Thwart Design‘s Design Without Reach site with instructions for making your very own MoMA-worthy reproductions. I mean, can you tell the difference between the US$265 Nelson clock from the MoMA store and this replica made from Tootsie Pop lollipops* and the bottom of a salt container? Didn’t think so! Museum-worthy design, here I come!

*Tootsie Pop clocks not recommended for humid climates.

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