A riddle…

Q. What do Joe Lieberman & John Kerry have in common with the 11 (disgusting) Democrats and 43 Republicans who voted for the abominable Medicare bill?

A. They felt that their election campaigns were more important than the welfare of seniors or the future generations who will be forced to pay for this staggeringly expensive and totally ineffective piece of legislation.

Look through the Washington Post’s list of Senate votes on the Medicare bill and you’ll notice that the only two Senators who didn’t make their positions known were Kerry and Lieberman.

The Republicans and Democrats who voted for the bill at least had the courage to go on the record with their choices, knowing that passage of the bill — still safely 2 years away from implementation — will make for great sound-bites during the 2004 campaign. Kerry and Lieberman, meanwhile, took the gutless route and can now tell audiences exactly what they want to hear.

If an audience of deluded seniors and pharmaceutical company executives cheer about the bill’s passage, John & Joe can claim they would have voted for passage. If the realistic seniors, young people — who will be paying for this bill — and those who cherish a responsible government throw catcalls and hisses at the bill, Joe & John can claim they were against it, too.

I know their votes wouldn’t have changed the outcome, and I’m sure their offices have some plausible explanation for their absence on the vote-day of one of the most important, horrendous, expensive, partisan, pork-laden bills ever to come before Congress, but… whatever reason they come up with is bullshit.