Gr. Arg. Goodbye.

grarg.gifSo, I didn’t watch the first season when it was first broadcast… does that make me a bad person? I’ve watched it pretty damned regularly since then, enjoying the smart writing, the sometimes-smart acting, and — I confess — especially the lesbian storylines. (Hey, if I can’t have Willow, I’m glad she’s not shacking up with any other guy!) And… I even made it through the dismal 6th season.

The final ep was an excellent sendoff… a dense, well-written and -plotted episode, with some terrific, non-gratuitous twists. When it was over, I was amazed that only an hour had gone by — and I mean that in a good way! So, now all the academics can get to work on their final theses and conferences about the show, since it is an officially “closed” text.

Me, I’m waiting for next fall, when my friend Randall says there’s gonna be a spinoff with Dawn and Willow, which, he claims, is going to be called “The Whiner, The Witch and Their Wardrobes.”