If you want to listen legally…

Over at Legal MP3 Downloads, they’re maintaining a blog listing of free and cheap music downloads. The songs are usually in only one of the major formats: MP3, WMA, or Liquid Audio.

While there might not be an infinite selection, the front page lists over 70 cuts by artists from Lil’ Kim to Allison Kraus to Faith No More, to Australian star Paul Kelly.

I’m sure the selection will get even better as time goes on, and with more user suggestions. One thing I’d like to see… if it’s possible: a stream of the songs — from their original sites. This would be similar to what epitonic.com does with their Epitonic Radio.

[Via Frank Fields’ FURDLog]

UPDATE: I heard from David Lawrence, at the Legal MP3 Downloads blog and he points me to an article (which I missed) where he discusses the original purpose of the site. In his e-mail to me, he says:

“…I’m not looking to recreate epitonic or eMusic or MP3.com or garageband. I’m looking to solve one thing, and for the great unwashed who… want their Eminems and their Britanny Spears and their Dixie Chicks… That’s what this site is all about – known, label-signed bands. I give links to indie band sites, but that’s not the focus of the site.

He’s got a clear purpose, a narrow focus, and that’s going to be what makes the site work. Good luck, David!