Anil is not a diamond’s best friend

In an excellent and lucid blog entry, Anil Dash takes on the diamond industry for its numerous sins. Not only does he go after the trade in terrorist- and civil war-supporting “blood diamonds“, but he also correctly pegs the sellers of diamonds as

fucking pigs [who are] heavily invested in selling a world where men are insensitive, thick-headed incompetents transparently trying to dupe women who are vain, superficial, materialistic fools.

He skewers their ads, their assumptions about their clientele and their pathetic attempts to continue the artificial scarcity of diamonds. And the commenters on his blog go even further, linking to a 3-part Atlantic Monthly article from 1982 on the invention of the diamond engagement ring “tradition”, pointing out the origins of the engagement ring itself as a territorial marker around a man’s chattel — his wife.

An excellent alternative view.