After September 11, many experts have claimed that we may be at the end of the age of skyscrapers. I don’t think that the illustrators at would agree.

They have a terrific community of artists creating lovingly detailed and accurate drawings of the world’s skyscrapers. You can search for them by location, architect, year. They’ve even got categories for buildings that have been proposed but not yet built.

Their very active forum contains discussions about how the drawings are created, glimpses of drawings in progress as well as much discussion about urban issues. There are also a huge number of pro and amateur photos of skscrapers.

One of the coolest features is the forum members’ access to architect’s renderings of proposed buildings. I love the style of these drawings and the cleanliness of the cities they depict.

Just in case the 4440 illustrated structures isn’t enough skyscrapers for you, check out It’s a news and database site for skyscrapers and real estate worldwide. The database is very deep and requires many clicks to get just about anywhere, but once you get to a building page, the info is very complete.