The road to Yucca Mountain…

…may pass right by your house. Over each of the next 38 years, approximately 2760 trucks will travel US roads carying nuclear waste on its way to Yucca Mountain in Nevada, where it is to be permanently stored.
Want to see how close it’ll come to your house? Visit the Environmental Working Group’s Nuclear Waste Route Atlas.
Doing a few calculations on some numbers I picked up from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s “Traffic Safety Facts 2000: Large Trucks” publication, I come up with these figures:

  • approximately 8,000,000 large trucks registered in the US in 2000
  • approximately 450,000 large trucks involved in crashes in 2000
  • that makes an accident rate of about 17%

Believe me: I know my methodology is not perfect when I say that if we apply this rate to the 2760 trucks carrying nuclear waste around the country each year, we can expect about 490 accidents involving these vehicles each year for the next 4 decades.

Sure, most of these accidents will be minor fender benders, but someone tell me: what are the odds that some of these accidents are not going to be minor?

And… do I even need to talk about the possibility of terrorism? (Or of earthquakes once the waste gets to Yucca Mountain?)

Can you spell “inevitable”?