brothers at arm’s length

Listening to the Brothers Reid (The Jesus & Mary Chain for those not enlightened). Their new album 21 Singles has been released in the UK, but wont be here until July 2. For most people anyway.

Although its just a compilation thing, it’s the first anything from them since they broke up onstage in 1998, brother William walking off the stage 15 minutes into one of their typically sloppy shows. I saw them at Jones Beach for the 1992 Lollapalooza tour, at the Academy in New York in 1994 with William’s(?) girlfriend Hope Sandoval’s band Mazzy Star. Typically, I remember very little about both shows due to chemical alterations of my memories.
Anyway, it got me thinking about the problems brothers seem to have in rock bands. Ray & Dave Davies of the Kinks, Liam & Noel Gallagher of Oasis, Phil & Don Everly, the various Wilsons in the Beach Boys. Probably Duane and Gregg if that Peach truck hadn’t come along.
Every band breaks up eventually — except the Rolling Stones. (The Who have done it regularly throughout their career.) But somehow, I figured brother bands would be more likely to stick together.
Maybe if I had to spend every day with my brother — instead of him living in Orlando, Florida and me in Baltimore, Maryland – I might think differently. Maybe if I had to be creative with him, share groupies and alcohol with him, spend every night in a different town with him, talk money with him — I might think differently.