an inauspicious beginning

Hello, world!

Hellooooo, world! Why, HELLO, world!
No, really: why “Hello, World“?
Is it supposed to be the program saying “Hello, world” like a child newly born, covered in the vernix caseosa, taking a slap on the butt, spitting out pieces of placenta, announcing his own arrival with much more originality than those silly web cards?
Or is it the programmer, shouting out to the world to take notice of his cliched contraption?
Maybe it’s just the programmer’s version of “lorem ipsum“: something to say when something must be said.
Perhaps it’s just your barely-spoken acknowledgement of the existence of a stranger passing unavoidably close as you walk, covered in sweat, down a flight of concrete stairs after a morning workout on the elliptical trainer, reassuring said stranger that despite the maniacal look in your eye, the flushed face, the dishevelled clothes and the serial-killer hairdo — despite your questionable appearance on this sultry deserted morning — you mean them no harm?

Hello, world!